What is Truth?

More importantly what is the word “Truth” referring to in our minds?

Let’s break it down!

We will use words to define attributes of the Truth.

  • Absolute
  • Completion
  • Correct
  • Everlasting
  • Indestructible
  • Ineffable
  • Right
  • incontestable
  • Unwavering

What thoughts do these words trigger in your mind?

What do these words means to you?

The Truth is…
All that is, is the Truth…
It will never be a lie…
The Truth cannot change…
The truth will never end and thus Truth never begins..
Truth is the always..
Truth is everything…
What lie can replace the Truth?

If the Truth could change, what qualities would make it the Truth?
The Truth is the only absolute. Truth doesn’t exist in or out side of anything, Truth is the whole picture.
Truth is the completion.
All things and all concepts and even all lies are founded on the Truth. Truth is both visible and invisible. Truth is unfathomable. Truth cannot be defined or captured in a thought.

Logic is incapable of deducing Truth, if it could, Truth would be captured in a single thought inside the mind.
Truth would be captured in the mind and be isolated. If that were the case Truth would not represent the being of the mind and all other things and consciousness would cease to be! This is impossible…because if the Truth could cease to be then it was never what the word “Truth” represents! Anything that ceases to be is a lie, not fit for infinity and eternity.

This very post cannot even capture or define the Truth. It can point at best.

Why is the Truth correct? Because it is the everlasting answer. This answer does not change like the answers in a text-book exposed to time.

The Truth sounds pretty awesome! So how do we find the Truth?

Aha! Trick question. You don’t find the Truth because the Truth has already found you! Whaaaaaa….?!  That is right, you’ve only to become aware.

Theory: If you are a conscious living being, you can not BE with out the Truth. The Truth is not logical, it is reserved for experience.

Let’s do some critical thinking:
Truth is necessary for experience. And experience is necessary for proof. Can we prove to anyone else that we are conscious?

Let’s take some common responses into consideration.

Argument: There’s proof because we respond to one another.
Rebuttal: robots respond as well. Some are very advanced and their response database is vast. Electronic technology is ever growing and robots will appear to behave with moral consideration.

Argument: We can trigger emotions in one another.
Rebuttal: Actors can pull this emotion out of you. Cartoons can trigger emotions. A robot figure with people like characteristics can trigger emotional response, such as the movie Wall-e.

Argument:There is evidence that others are conscious.
Rebuttal: Yes there is, but evidence isn’t proof!

Argument: We can feel each others presence.
Rebuttal: Yes! We can! But can we experience each others presence? Actually, I believe we can experience each others presence through the Truth, but more on that in a different post.

You’re probably asking “so what is your point?”
The point is you cannot prove to others you are conscious because they cannot experience your consciousness, which is necessary to obtain proof. Your experience is unique to you. Which means you have proof of your own consciousness!

Break down: You can’t prove you or any one else is conscious to one another. You only have proof of your own consciousness. Your consciousness is the very proof of consciousness. Consciousness is its own witness. The only proof of consciousness is consciousness. The only proof of your consciousness to you is your consciousness. There for your consciousness is founded on the Truth.  You would not be conscious with out witness to your consciousness, this is how eternity and infinity is possible. An everlasting self-awareness loop.

Guess what that means? The Truth is sentient moving life and self-aware. Life is self-aware.  Our consciousness is self-aware moving life! Isn’t that great? We’re really here! It’s true!

In a later post I will discuss the virus in mankind’s mind that has made him unaware of the Truth and oppressed life!

Your experience is the Truth. You don’t own it, it owns you. You are helpless against the Truth so accept! Your understanding of Truth is the first step to happiness… you cannot resist your experience in life. Whether you like it or not, you will experience life. You’re doing it right now.

The question I have for you is, are you aware that you are experiencing life. Not the logical thoughts that you think define life and Truth… are you aware of your ever presence? Are you aware that right now is the only known!? Are you aware that you are subject to this experience and it will always be the Truth?

Is this clicking yet?

You can even equate the attributes of what the word “Truth” is referring to, to the same attributes of what the word “God” is referring to.

Understanding words aside… The Truth is God. These words are interchangeable. But the words themselves can not replace the actuality they refer to. There for your beliefs ans thoughts cannot replace the Truth.

The Truth is the Truth and your immediate goal is to become aware of your existence and establish a solid connection with this place. The Truth is all there really is, so don’t die off with the illusion the Truth wears.

Have questions that I haven’t answered? Need more details? Did I leave something out? Leave a comment and we’ll break it down together! Hope you enjoyed!


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